ERIC VINC3NT, the award-winning, critically-acclaimed producer of the Spymance transmedia storytelling enterprise, has bundled his skillsets into a comprehensive audio laboratory at the advertising industry's service.

Imagine a radio commercial that listeners will want to turn up, instead of down, or mute.

Now imagine your client being advertised by that audio experience, an experience that's musical, upbeat and enthusiastic, with an original soundtrack that's not just background music, but a work of audio branding. Not just a pitch, but a sound that your clients will be proud of being associated with. This is what VOX VINC3NT specializes in.


Not only is the VOX VINC3NT studio stocked with the sort of pro-level gear used for producing top-40 hit songs, including units by Manley Laboratories, AVID Pro Tools, Apple, JBL, Fender, Korg, Guild, Gibson, Sony, Electro-Harmonix, dbx, and Audio-Technica, but Eric has decades of experience working with that stuff.

 VOX VINC3NT audio is meticulously edited and processed for sonics that will match anything out of NYC or Hollywood. The unparalleled editing and processing capabilities afforded by Pro Tools, plus my extensive experience with the platform, guarantees rockstar-level audio. The Pro Tools rig utilized by VOX VINC3NT is a current 64-bit system augmented by the WAVES Gold effects plugins bundle, as well as Sony-Oxford mastering software, and the WLM Loudness Meter (which ensures conformity with broadcast standards). As a composer and musician, naturally I edit narration with a rhythmic sense of timing, so your radio spot will ring with the street-cred of a top-40 funk-rock tune, as opposed to a typically Muzak-y commercial advertisement.


This is where the vertical integration of the VOX VINC3NT business model will save you a lot of money and time and stress, while providing quality previously out of reach. I write you a song, custom designed for the vibe of your product or service. I play the guitars, bass, synthesizers, program the beat, and record it at Top-40 Billboard Chart level. Then I mix it in a way that it doesn't distract from my narration pitching your business. You don't have to track down licenses for the music, because it's mine, and I'm including it in the price of your ad. No paying out royalties or worrying about famous artists suing you. You tell me what kind of music you like, and I throw it down, then narrate your ad over it, edit, mix, master, and deliver. That's vertical integration.


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