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VOX VINC3NT is award-winning & critically-acclaimed composer/producer ERIC VINC3NT's one-stop shop for audiobook production. Narration, recording, editing, and mastering to professional standards, are all inclusive. With over 15 years engineering experience on the Pro Tools audio production platform, and decades of experience as a classically-trained singer, actor, live event M.C., and professional voiceover artist, expert results are a given. Just email me your manuscript, and I deliver a pro audiobook.

That. Simple.

VOX VINC3NT audiobooks are recorded with the Manley CORE Reference Channel Strip, hand-crafted in California, USA, featuring class-A tube microphone preamplification, electro-optical compression, Baxendall EQ, and a fast FET limiter which eliminates input clipping distortion. Capturing the vocal is a rare Ted Fletcher-produced black capsule JM47 large diaphragm condenser microphone, one of the cleanest sounding mics ever made, equipped with a Stedman ProScreen 101 pop filter, and mounted inside an Aston Halo reflection filter. An AVID MBox Pro (3rd gen.) provides professional grade analog-to-digital conversion, with Pro Tools v.11 running on an Apple MacBook Pro 15" Retina. JBL Professional LSR-305 powered monitors provide an expert playback environment, augmented with both open- and closed-back headphones by Sony and Audio-Technica.

 Every VOX VINC3NT audiobook includes meticulous editing and processing for clean, noise-free narration. The unparalleled editing and processing capabilities afforded by Pro Tools, plus my extensive experience with the platform, guarantees a pristine sounding audiobook. The world's top artists, sound engineers, producers, and mixers use Pro Tools, because its features are unrivaled. It's also expensive and complex, for good reasons, so mastering it requires expertise. The Pro Tools rig utilized by VOX VINC3NT is a current 64-bit system augmented by the WAVES Gold effects plugins bundle. As a composer and musician, naturally I edit narration with a rhythmic sense of timing, so your audience will enjoy hour upon hour of pleasant listening.

As a writer who's produced audiobooks of my own novels, I understand how an audiobook is a dramatic performance, not merely a recitation, thus guarantee my clients' manuscripts will receive the same respect as my own.

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