TODAY was recorded as a laboratory for my newly-acquired Manley CORE Reference Channel Strip. All of the instruments and voices were recorded using the CORE as an amplifier, direct into Pro Tools using an MBox Pro interface. None of the tracks were EQ'd or compressed once inside Pro Tools. (Subtle mix bus compression was applied with the Massey CT5.) Vocals and Spanish guitar were recorded with a Joe Meek JM47 LDC microphone. Electric guitars, electric bass, and Korg ES-1 drum machine were plugged straight into the CORE direct input (except the "liquid" guitar in the second verse, where an Electro-Harmonix Small Stone phase shifter was between the guitar and the CORE). The CORE was connected with an XLR to TRS cable into the MBox line input. Music and lyrics ©2015 Eric Vinc3nt, who also sang and played all the instruments, engineered, edited, and mixed the track in Pro Tools v.11 with a MacBook Pro 15" Retina. The Manley CORE was designed and built at Manley Laboratories in Chino, California.