4-June-2017 4:30pm

Former CIA deputy director Mike Morell said something rather jaw-dropping on Charlie Rose last Thursday night. (The full video is at After Charlie asked Morell about FBI Dir. Comey being fired in the midst of his Russia election-tampering investigation, Morell replied that he had three questions about the Russians. His first question was the obvious one, about whether Trump’s team colluded with the election tampering efforts. His second, however (21:26 into the video), was an utter detour: “Did Russian organized crime launder money through the Trump Organization over an extended period of time?”

WHOAH, STOP RIGHT THERE. Pause that video. What? Why would Morell suddenly go off in that direction? Especially since the mainstream media (MSM) has largely left those rumors untouched, until twenty-one minutes into that interview, anyway.

In moments like this, it helps to remind ourselves of the tradecraft adage, “Once you go black, you don’t go back.” In other words, Intelligence Community (IC) professionals never entirely leave the community. With that in mind, one can understand why active IC professionals are comfortable leaking to retired spies like Morell: because he’s one of them, and they’ll trust one of their own over a MSM reporter any day, hands-down. This is likewise why news media operations like CBS employ people like Morell, if they can afford to: their sources are gold.

So it’s just Morell and Charlie, sitting at that oak table with the black background, late on a school night, on PBS, when Morell, out of nowhere, suave as all heck, slips this atomic bomb from inside his suit sleeve. Morrell does not stop to explain why he makes the curious detour, the one into the subject of Trump Org laundering dirty Russian money, and Charlie does not stop Morrell and make him explain the detour, and they never return to the subject. Two things are highly likely here. One, Morell brought up Trump’s money laundering, because he knows from his sources in the IC that it’s true. Two, Morell knew what he was doing here: subtly disseminating, into the mainstream, highly explosive secret intelligence about Trump Org that MSM had thus far, for the most part, been unwilling to tamper with. This is information warfare conducted from the shadows. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

©2017 Eric Vinc3nt